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San Diego Environmental Voters

is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes conservation and environmental protection in San Diego county by:

  • Identifying and electing environmentally responsible candidates

  • Educating the public

  • Promoting environmental policies

  • Working with elected officials

SD Enviro Voters is a chapter of the California Environmental Voters (formerly CLCV)

We seek to protect the environmental quality of the state by working to elect environmentally responsible candidates and hold them accountable to the conservation agenda. By being an “on the ground” voice in the San Diego community, San Diego Enviro Voter provides an opportunity for environmental activists to directly impact the local electoral process while promoting environmental candidates.

SD Enviro Voters Near-Term Goals

  • Positively impact races throughout San Diego County to ensure conservation candidates are elected

  • Promote a pro-environmental agenda throughout the county, especially holding SD Enviro Voters-endorsed candidates accountable to a pro-environmental agenda

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues among the general public

SD Enviro Voters Involvement

There are many ways that SD Enviro Voters is involved in promoting conservation candidates and policies, including:

  • Recruiting & training candidates to run for office

  • Endorsing candidates and propositions

  • Supporting candidates & propositions by raising funds and coordinating volunteer activities

  • Raising awareness of environmental candidates and issues by organizing forums, disseminating information to supporters, and engaging in media campaigns

  • Promoting environmental policies through the endorsement of environmental initiatives and through testimony on key policy decisions

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