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It all started a while ago…

In the late 1980s, several local environmental activists and planning interests formed a new organization, the Coalition for Planning Reform (CPR). Their objective was to breathe new hope into regional planning and call attention to the unbridled population growth of the San Diego region and its negative consequences, as manifested by traffic congestion, overcrowded schools, increases in crime rates, water pollution, loss of open space, and environmental degradation.

Transition to LCVSD

Their work continued for several years, and in the late 1990s, the board of CPR made the decision to become the San Diego chapter of a well-recognized statewide conservation organization, the League of Conservation Voters. Thus LCVSD was born. With support from the state organization and partnerships with other San Diego activists, the local chapter has been even more instrumental in identifying and supporting candidates for public office with strong environmental and conservation values. This has led to more environmentally friendly candidates being elected to city councils throughout the region in recent years and allowed us to continue working with our elected officials once in office to promote a conservation agenda.

Transition to California Environmental Voters

In 2023, the LCVSD Board voted to follow our state organization's shift from California League of Conservation Voters to California Environmental Voters and change our name to San Diego Environmental Voters.

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